Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pathfinding WOTG - Secondary Layout

Today I am sharing the second two page layout from the Pathfinding Workshop on the Go.  This is my final product....

I followed the instructional guide for the most part, but I did take liberties with the size of my photos.  Since I personally prefer a lot of photos, I rarely use a large photo, like the one featured on the right hand page of the original artwork, and I decided to replace it with the photo sizes you see above.   This simple change gave me two additional photos on my layout and now the focal photo will be a standard 4x6 instead of the proposed 6x6.

This photo modification meant I needed to move my title to the Left hand page.  To maintain a nice balance on the two pages, I ended up moving  both of the 2x2 inch photos to the Right hand page, as well as one of my embellishment clusters.  Since I haven't yet decided on which photos to add, I can't made a decision on my journalling, but it will be simple enough to add at a later date.

Overall, I was very happy with this layout, it maintain the feel of the original, but is must more suited to photo sizes that work best for me. Click HERE if you'd like to purchase this great kit.

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