Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gift Basket

My oldest daughter recently celebrated a birthday.  Since she is attending school in Oklahoma, which is over 15 hours away, it was the first time we were unable to celebrate her birthday in person with her.  I have known that this day was coming, but I was still not prepared for how sad I'd be.  In all honesty, I had a much more difficult time with the whole thing than she did!

Since she is a poor college student, all she really wanted for her birthday was money.  Being the practical person that I am, I had no problem giving her money, but I did feel that I wanted to do something that would add a bit more fun to her day.  Although not an original idea, I did make it my own - I shopped for inexpensive gifts that were small enough to be individually wrapped and light enough not to cost me a fortune to ship.  I was shooting for 7 so that she could open one each day for the week leading up to her birthday, but somehow I ended up with 8 which just added to her fun.   I was very pleased with the results and the feedback I received from her indicated that she enjoyed her gift basket.  Also, since she received it several days before she needed to start opening the gifts, she actually had several days to enjoy the pretty gift basket and remember how much her family loves and misses her!

I wrapped each gift in some Kraft wrapping paper that I had on hand and used some assorted tulle and ribbon as added embellishments.  Here is the result...

and here is a close up of a couple of the stamped tags....

Now for the list of Close to my Heart products that I used on this project...
Thanks for spending time with my blog and I hope you enjoyed this project :-)

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