Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Joy Captured!

I have a confession...after completing a project, I often feel as though, in some small way, I have completed a piece of art.  And this card, although very simple, feels as though it is a work of art...and therefore is worthy of a name!  If I were to name it, I'd go for something like "A Study in Pear."  This card only contains two colors, Pear and Daisy White!  It is refreshing and simple and, to me, a joy to look at.

Here is the front of the card

A peek inside...

This is the list of supplies I used to make this card:
Just a fun note...The ribbon that I featured on this card is a retired product called Color Ready Seam Binding and I was very sad when CTMH decided to retire this amazing ribbon.  Today was another reminder of why I love this produce so much and sincerely wish that CTMH would reconsider putting this product back into our inventory!  I used the Leaf Green ShinHan marker to color it!  It was so very easy, super quick and it took the color so uniformly! 

I also used that same marker to color the Gold Bling Gems and they took the color amazingly well, too - although my picture failed to capture the color well.  I love having the flexibility to customize some of our products and these markers are wonderful tools for accomplishing a customized look.

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