Sunday, August 10, 2014


My family and I recently visited the wonderful state of Oklahoma.  It was my first visit ever and I must say, our few days there were amazing.  We saw a lot of great things but a family favorite was time we spent at Our Field of Dreams Alpaca Ranch.  It is a family owned alpaca farm and they allow visits, you just have to contact them via email or phone to set up a convenient day and time. 

My youngest daughter, Carissa, has been fascinated with alpacas for several years and she is the reason we even thought about visiting this ranch.  However, we all walked away from our time on the ranch with a new appreciation for these beautiful animals.  I thought I would venture away from craft related posts to share with you a few pictures about this visit...

I loved how their legs looked when they were laying down to rest.

This was just one of the fenced in areas with a small herd of alpacas.  The ranch is home to almost 200 alpacas.

They had eaten all the leaves that were low enough for them to reach, so when I held limbs down I was quickly surrounded by alpacas who wanted a tasty snack.

They were eating hay and often we would see them walking around with a random piece of straw extending from their mouth - how cute!!!

My daughter, before she was surrounded with hungry alpacas.

While we loved them all, this is Casey, who we grew especially fond of during our visit.  She was quite friendly and very tolerant of our affection -  and she even gave us a couple of kisses!
If you ever find yourself near Oklahoma City, I would highly recommend making Our Field of Dreams Alpaca Farm one of your stops.  Tom and Judy (the owners) and their staff make you feel like family!  I can't say enough how much I enjoyed my brief time on their ranch.

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  1. How fun are those Alpacas! I have never heard of them. At first they look like baby camels. So glad you enjoyed your trip.