Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ribbons and Trims

This is a quick video that explores many of the ribbons and trims offered by Close to my Heart.  It not only provides inspiration for how to use many of the different products, it also demos coloring the Slate Satin Polka-Dot Ribbon (and this same technique can also be used to color the Color Ready Seam Binding Ribbon.)  This is a fantastic technique, because suddenly your Slate ribbon can now become Sunset and used on a Babycakes card and your Colonial White Seam Binding Ribbon can become Gypsy and added to a treat box that you cut using Laughing Lola and the Artiste Cricut Cartridge. So many options!

Tiffany also alludes to a technique in which you combine re-inker and alcohol to dye the Colonial White Rosette Ribbon.  Used as is, the Colonial White Rosette Ribbon is so beautiful and I have used it on several projects that were intended for a baby.  However, now that I know that it can be dyed using our re-inkers, my creative juices are flowing.

I also wanted to mention that I have had wonderful results using re-inker and alcohol to dye the color ready seam binding.  It is a great technique when you want to dye more than a small piece of ribbon and by adjusting the ratio of re-inker and alcohol, your results can range from muted, soft hues all the way to intense, rich colors.  You can experiment to get the look you want.   Also, the alcohol helps to speed up the drying process, which is a plus.  Being able to apply ink to these ribbons completely opens up the creative possibilities.

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