Monday, July 8, 2013

My First Studio J Layout

My first love is actual hands-on-paper-scissors-adhesive scrapbooking.  There is just something therapeutic and indescribably rewarding about taking raw materials and creating something uniquely my own. While I always draw inspiration from other ideas - usually finding something that just speaks to me and using that as a jumping off point - the final product is usually something that has my unique touch embedded throughout.  I can admire my finished product with a bit of pride because I know the creative journey I took to arrive at my destination, and like most journeys, there are a lot of good memories associated with it.  So, just to be clear, I always have and always will enjoy the art of hands-on scrapbooking.

But I journeyed into new territory recently and decided to try my hand at Studio J.  Here is the first layout that I made and I was so pleased with it.  And the actual printed pages do not disappoint!  They are so beautiful and flow seamlessly when inserted among the traditional scrapbook pages of my albums.  I've done additional Studio J layouts and will post them in the future.

Studio J layouts are available as 2 page layouts, but I often have one page layouts - so my solution...I modified each page to include a title elements and then proceeded to add my pictures.   The result was two completely independent pages, but one coordinating, cohesive look - which is exactly what I strive for in my traditional paper layouts. 

Working with Studio J was pretty simple, but I highly recommend taking some time to watch the instructional videos, because, not only are they fun, they are full of tips and ideas...and they simplify the learning curve!

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