Sunday, May 4, 2014

Balloon Ride - Our Own Little World

A boat ride down the river on a beautiful Florida day - it is hard to find a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  But, in my opinion, getting to scrapbook about the day certainly adds to the experience!

I chose to use Balloon Ride Workshop on the Go for this layout and the color palette worked beautifully.  I followed the instructions for the additional layout, but of course I had to make some minor modifications.  However, the overall feel of the layout wasn't lost and, as in the case of most of my pages, I was quite please with the result.

Here are the basics of what I used to complete this two page layout:
I'd like to leave you with a few close us shots of some of the details on this 2 page layout...


  1. Thank you so much, Carol. I really love this paper pack and was pleased that it worked so well for a boating day.